BREXIT; Not the End of Toxic Trade Deals

A Lewes Stop TTIP Public Meeting!


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is in crisis.
The last year has seen massive public opposition, scrutiny and protest across Europe along with the uncertainty caused by the Brexit vote.

Lewes Stop TTIP asks what now for the infamous trade deal?
If we defeat TTIP, what next? What are the sequel deals CETA and TISA?

To discuss and debate we invite you to…BREXIT; Not the End of Toxic Trade Deals

Entry is Free! and Refreshments available.

Click Here to download the flyer!

Meetings and Street Activity
We have regular planning meetings and members of  Lewes Farmers market on the first and third Saturday of each month have a stall handing out information about TTIP, please come along to have a chat or lend a hand.

TTIP Talks
Also we have being giving a series of TTIP Talks to local groups, churches, schools and colleges in the area, if you are involved in or know of a group who might be interested in an more in depth discussion on TTIP please let us know.


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