TTIPThe Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, is a deal currently being negotiated in secret between the USA and the European Union.

Our public services, environment & democracy are under threat right now from the biggest power grab by big business in a decade.

TTIP looks set to:

• Lead to more privatisation of public services like the NHS and education.

• Strengthen US companies’ ability to instigate fracking – especially relevant for Sussex.

• Weaken workers’ rights and put millions of jobs at risk.

• Reduce environmental protection and increase the risk of dangerous climate change by boosting a dependence on fossil fuels.

• Reduce food safety regulations e.g. removing restrictions on GMOs & hormone-treated beef.

• Restrict local authorities’ ability to source and employ locally.

• Allow corporations to sue governments if public policy decisions harm their future profits with the inclusion of ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlements) in the deal. This is already happening elsewhere e.g. tobacco giant Philip Morris is challenging Australia’s ‘plain’ cigarette packaging laws.

• Be a blueprint for future trade deals that will disadvantage the poorest countries.




Noam Chomsky interviewed on Channel 4 about what TTIP is.

John Hilary, Executive Director of War on Want, gives an introduction to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the EU-US deal now under negotiation that threatens jobs, public services and democracy itself.

The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership is a trade deal between the EU and the US – and is anything but harmless. The deal boosts corporate power and endangers people and the planet. Director, Drawings: Stiftfilm / Jonas Kramer

This film presents some of the dangers of the ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlements) rules within the proposed EU-US trade deal. We need to stop this corporate attack on our democracy and policies to protect the public interest.


“[The deal] has the capacity to be very negative to British public health and British companies and British farmers.”
Jamie Oliver in The Times March 2015

“These proposed trade deals have a number of things in common: the benefits tend to be vastly exaggerated; the talks are hidden from public scrutiny; and the proposals invariably involve ceding even more power to corporate interests, whether in the form of extra-territorial courts to settle investment disputes or making it harder to safeguard public services from privatisation.”
Larry Elliot, Guardian, On TTIP, TPP and TISA, May 2014





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